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Eilleen Knott

40 x 30 inches

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

When you believe strongly enough about something or someone, you will do more than just talk about it. You will be willing to stand up and take a stance clothed with grace and beauty, that will not take away from your strength, but make it stronger. Creamy strokes of paint with a mix of abstract, whimsy and realism. Her armor is in Silver Leaf. Her bow and Arrow are Gold Leaf as well as her shield, which is a replica from Joan of Arc.

This strong young woman is a family friend and actually is a skilled archer. This was painting was completed in 2019 and she is currently in college pursuing a career in political science, so the painting was prophetic in a sense, standing up and educating herself to a place of influence where she can make a difference in her world.

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