Symphony III

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Nalini Joshi

30 x 22 inches

Mixed media with oil, Paper

“I have never thought of writing for reputation and honour. What I have in my heart and soul- Must find a way out. That’s the reason for music.”― Ludwig Van Beethoven

Music comes from the soul and touches the soul.. music is fun.. music is healing.. music is life..  Pause.. Listen.. Absorb. This series is inspired from yesteryears when simple pleasures filled our lives.. The beautiful majestic instrument with its tiny magical needle filled the house with the beautiful melodies on a peaceful morning.

Inspiration for the painting: Reminiscing the feel of a fresh newspaper, morning sun trickling down the window and a hot cup of tea, listening to the birds chirping on the trees… tete a tete with loved ones.. a peaceful start to a beautiful day ahead…. it’s time for the little things in life.. time for people around us.. time to spend time in the real world.

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