Delicate Understanding RAFFLE

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️ Together with Milan Art Store we are working on a special offer 🤩 For every order placed on Milan Art Store between today and the 20th of March 2023 you will be entered into a raffle ✨ You can win a unique painting featured on the Milan Art Gallery and art supplies 🍾! All orders will get an automatic 10% off! The winner will be chosen on 3/21.

Mixed media with Oil

Your wings are my wings, your transformation is mine. The colors on your body reflect my heart, so fine. A dance in the air, both elegant and fierce. Make me fly high until I touch the sky.

Bring home a little piece of magic and find your colors in the 'Delicate' series. A work of art that will be loved by many.

Led by Pioneering artists Elli and Dimitra Milan, the Milan Art Decor team created this beautiful painting harnessing the spirit of collaboration. With anywhere between 2-5 sets of artist hands leaving their mark on this painting it carries a presence that can only be achieved by the multitude.

Artwork on paper
Size 24 x 20 inches

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