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Brittnee Sylvester

48 x 30 inches

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

All my paintings, especially my abstract works are very free and intuitive. I come up with with a color pallet I want to stay in, as well as get images that inspire me around those colors. I study the images and really concentrate on how they make me feel. Then I really dig into my process. I start with some charcoal mark making, inks, washes, and collage. Then I really focus on what the painting is telling me it wants to be as I’m working. I finish all my work in oil to give it the vibrancy to really make the painting pop and make the colors come alive. I really love line work and enjoy the different variations of line, and I always incorporate some form of line work into my paintings. 

My inspiration around this painting was really deep rich colors and high contrast but centred around delicacy and balance.

This piece is one of my most popular pieces of work, and what I am locally known for. It was licensed for 5 years to be printed and wrapped on this utility box! 

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