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Florencia Mena

16 x 20 inches

Mixed media with Oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

Part of the collection “Breakthrough” an inner exploration of my true self, who I am as an artist and a person, how can I control my mind, change my path and reach the freedom I always longed. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed with a lot of feelings and external situations that are out of our control, we can feel desperation or tangled in a situation without scape, similar to the feeling when you’re trapped underwater, the waves hit you and you tumble out of control. But as soon as you gain control over your thoughts, your mind, everything become easier and you can be LIFTED from that situation. You’re not fighting those waves anymore because you realized that the only way of getting out of there is just relax and flow. 

I suffer from anxiety and I used to feel so overwhelmed by my problems and the future, and one of the techniques that helped me cope with that was practice muscle relaxation and meditation, and in those moments I felt like I was lifted out of my problems and I needed to portrait that feeling. 

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