Joshua Tree

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Florencia Mena

24 x 30 inches

Mixed media with Oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Part of the collection “Breakthrough” an inner exploration of my true self, who I am as an artist and a person, how can I control my mind, change my path and reach the freedom I always longed. In a world where everything feels dark you can always find the light within. JOSHUA TREE represents that moment when you’re in the middle of nowhere, no lights, no people around and you can barely see your hands in front of you. You want to panic, scape, be somewhere else. But then you close your eyes, breath in... exhale... you relax, then you open your eyes and there it is, the chaos become beauty. You see the stars how you never seen them before, you encounter creatures like a snake that can be dangerous, but it’s in his natural habitat, it’s not a threat, it’s beautiful and you can admire it’s movement, it’s colors: nature itself. The shadows that used to scare you at night suddenly become the most beautiful dark landscape you have ever seen.

During the 2020 lockdown I spent a lot of time camping, particularly in Joshua Tree. I’ve always been afraid of the dark and I was scared of being too far from my tent. But one night I start thinking on my fear and star staring at my surroundings and I say this night desert like I’ve never seen before. And I wanted to paint that, express the feeling that that moment provoke on me.

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