Inspiratio Eloquence

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Your mind is a bouquet of the most pristine flowers. It is a decadent palace, filled with an outpouring of ideas, love, joy. As you peer into the painting, you see a reflection of yourself, staring off into realms of beauty. The fragrant flowers delicately demand nourishment for they provide an ever-growing abundance.

Imagine the inspiration you'll experience while gazing into this painting every day. Even when you aren't looking, the art will enhance your well-being, acting as a guardian of light in your atmosphere.


Led by Pioneering artists Elli and Dimitra Milan, the Milan Art Decor team created this beautiful painting harnessing the spirit of collaboration. With anywhere between 2-5 sets of artist hands leaving their mark on this painting it carries a presence that can only be achieved by the multitude.

Every painting created is an original 1/1 painting. You have the opportunity to request this painting in any size that you want. If we don't have a painting in stock of size you desire, we will make your painting to order, ready to ship within 5 business days. 

Artwork on paper
Size 24 x 20 inches
Ratio 6:5

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