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Alannah Anderson

24 x 30 inches 

Mixed Media with Oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

After competing with 10 other artists on the Milan Art Club series "The Outstanding Artists" I truly felt like it was a new chapter for my art. I was still winding down from intense, timed challenges while all of our emotion and processes were filmed. 'Ignite' began as an intuitive abstract, no rules, no agenda, no deep meaning. I rotated the piece numerous times with the goal to make it purely abstract. But, after some time of reflection and releasing my control over it, a portrait began to emerge. The colors felt fierce and full of energy. Struck by connection to the moment where it feels like heaven is touching earth, being lost in the act of creating the painting came alive as though it was on fire and I was looking at a reflection of the passion within me. This was when I realized that this passion within artist is being visualized in every act that we are making something new. The cool atmospheric tones and textures swirling around the figure give movement as though she is swept up in the moment - sparks are flying and she is awake to her calling. This piece of art reminds us to live passionately, on fire with purpose and life.

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