The Flower Who Stole From the Stars

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Rachel Rozario

60 x 48 inches

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

This piece holds a special place in my heart for it was manifested during a time of uncertainty and doubt.

The painting may speak differently to you for it will speak personally to each person. Here's how to know what it says;

"Close your eyes, breathe out slowly three times, counting from three to one. See the one tall, clear and bright.

Imagine standing in front of the painting. Touch the part that impresses and attracts you. Describe it to yourself.

Breathe out. Enter into the canvas and become one with the painting. You are the painting. Feel all the parts of the painting at the same time.

Breathe out. What is it telling you? Don't rush it. Allow it time to be reveal. 

Breathe out. Step out of the painting. Take a look at yourself. How do you look now?

Breathe out. Turn and look at the painting. How does it look now?

Breathe out. Open your eyes."

What did the painting say?

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