Happy Neighbours

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Dalia Shahin

60 x 40 cm

Oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

At one time I had a friend whom I loved very much, but she always frustrated me... She told me that I am not an artist... She told me that you only love art... Her words made me sad... I love drawing, colors and expressing feelings. Through colors and composition and so on... Over time, many differences occurred between us and we moved away... Days passed and I met new friends... They always give me support and encouragement... They love my art very much... And They hang it in their homes... and now I remember a wisdom I read and liked very much that says: Always be a neighbor to those who grow roses every day... They open the windows for you and tell you that you can, no matter the circumstances... And now I teach it to my children.. To always be friends of those who carry light and positivity in their hearts, as in the painting. Three roses are friends who support the beautiful boat.

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