Fresh Beginnings

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Rebecca Moser

19,7 x 27,6 inches
50 x 70 cm

Mixed Media with Oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

'It just happened but not with accident, not as an coincidence. Purpose has started the new direction. No one has seen it before. It’s fresh, it’s beautiful, it’s interesting. Does that even work together? Does nature even allow that? Who said we have to do it that way or this way? Boldness told me to go, courageous has told me to do it. This start will bring life and I say yes to it.'

It was the first painting of the portfolio i started and i wanted to be bold and strong! The master program of Milan Institute has tought  me a lot. I was inspired to go with what i felt and saw in that moment! Fresh beginning is it called as i was inspired for the portfolio that will be a new beginning for my art career

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