Everything Within You

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Eva Bratopoulou

120 x 80 cm

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

A soul full of power knowledge talents and above all love.

The heart holds all the knowledge of the universe. Believe in yourself, in your uniqueness, in your power.

Realize that the entire universe resides in the heart and that is where everything is waiting to be revealed in the right moment.

Upside-down hourglass - the utopia of time,

Harp - the hope and the paradise,

Marble pillar - our unique story,

Sea ​​creatures - best aspects of our character and our dreams

Stars - wishes

Planets - most important decisions we are called to make

While experiencing the most difficult time of my life, when everything seemed to reach an ending and to have no meaning anymore, I searched in my most secret soul grounds and tried to find hope and meaning inside me. Through this process I realised that everything I need in order to be happy exist inside me. We don't need to seek happiness in others. We don't need savers. All the knowledge, wisdom and power lies beneath and within our hearts.

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