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Eva Bratopoulou

70 x 100 cm

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

Birth is like a dawn, so magical that feels full of deep silence, peace and lightweight movement, like an opaque universe and a transparent ocean, like the free-flowing water and the burning flame that is the reason for your actions.

Birth is a constant occurrence. Nothing really dies since every end is a new beginning knowledge, achievements, wisdom, experience, encounters, loss and discovery all of them are on the same route, on the same course set for each one of us indicating the eternal Circle of Life.

Seashells can symbolize birth, purity, fertility and good fortune. Because of their association with the sea, which connects distant places, shells are supposed to enhance travel luck as well as strengthen long-distance relationships. Seashells also provide relief from stress and offer a protective shield.

Jellyfish represent for me the spirits of the ocean. The ancient and mysterious jellyfish can also work to symbolize love, intuition, strength, and inner peace.

Seahorse is a symbol of magic, good luck, persistence, masculine power, strength and peace

Through the most difficult time of my life when everything seemed to reach an ending, I discovered that it can also point out like a new beginning, a New Birth.

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