A Gentle Stroll

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Julie Celina

31,5 x 31,5 inches
80 x 80 cm 

Oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

“Because she appreciated it, she protected it.”

This painting is made for the gentle souls, who step lightly through the world, know that we are part of nature, and it’s our job to protect it. May this painting remind you to slow down, and appreciate all the beauty and abundance around you.

Comes signed, wired, ready to hang, and with certificate of authenticity.

From the New Beginnings Collection, about stepping into our truth and finding where we belong. Every painting in this collection is built up with a high number of thin and translucent layers of paint, always finishing with rich and vibrant oil paint to bring depths and life to the painting. The subjects are placed in a mystical and dreamy world full of symbolism for the viewer to interpret and get lost in. Every painting tells a different story and will either take you on a journey into yourself to connect you deeper with your own roots and truth or transport you to a faraway place, where you will learn something new about our world.

I once had a very draining job, that I didn’t enjoy, but every morning before work I walked through this small communal garden in my city, that had been saved by a group of people, who refused to let the city destroy it to build new buildings there. The same group of people still volunteer every week to take care of this beautiful little garden for the rest of us to enjoy. My morning walks through this garden inspired me every day, and gave me the strength to get through the long workdays. The plants in this painting are the same as the ones from the small garden.

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