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Eva Bratopoulou

50 x 70 cm

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

Whisper to me countless words from the depths of the ocean that heals souls.

Because destiny speaks to you in whispers, reminding you what is the purpose of your soul on this planet & guides you towards your next necessary step, pushing you toward your life’s purpose.

Seashells can symbolize birth, purity, fertility and good fortune. Because of their association with the sea, which connects distant places, shells are supposed to enhance travel luck as well as strengthen long-distance relationships. Seashells also provide relief from stress and offer a protective shield.

Traditionally, goldfish have been used as a symbol of good luck and good fortune. Several ancient stories and fairy tales also include stories of goldfish granting wishes or making dreams come true. In Chinese tradition, goldfish have an association with abundance.


More often than not, people have periods in their lives when they desperately need to speak out Truths. This shell-mouth is ready to start talking.

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