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Florencia Mena

30 x 30 inches

Mixed media with Oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

Part of the collection “Breakthrough” an inner exploration of my true self, who I am as an artist and a person, how can I control my mind, change my path and reach the freedom I always longed. Have you had one of those moments that you feel you’re swimming against the river current but you’re so sure this is your path and you want to continue no matter what? You just want to stand tall, face everybody and make a STATEMENT about your life. This is my path, this is my destiny and what I’m supposed to do with my life and I want everybody to hear me out and see me, as I am and not as I am supposed to be. This is my dream and my destiny and I will not hear anybody else’s opinions. Because a STATEMENT it’s personal, it’s your own and nobody has power over it besides you.

I needed to make a statement about my life and my passion to become an artist. I was developing my portfolio for the Mastery Program and for the first time I though this can be my career, and since that moment I haven’t stop pursuing my art career, my personal statement it’s I am an Artist.

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