Providing the Rhythm

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Susan Eatmon

24 x 30 inches

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I had my reference material and I started happily painting away to add to my collection of instruments that inspired me. As I
got towards the end and starting in on the fine detail, I noticed that
this guitar only had 4 strings! What I thought I was painting was an electric guitar ended up being a bass guitar. I added the circles in the background to represent the full, deep bass sound that you can feel
in your chest while listening loudly to your favorite music. While this instrument does not get that much attention or hype it is very important in providing the rhythm to a lot of music.

I actually picked an electric guitar to add
to my music series. It wasn’t until I already started that I realized my source was a bass guitar! I thought that was a happy accident because I do love the deep, bold sound of a bass. I love the way it provides the rhythm to a song

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