Healing to the Bones

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Rachel Rozario

24 x 28 inches

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

There are times when days get harder and hope begins to fade. Your heart longs for a solving. And you hear (you really do) the whispers of “just keep on believing”. 
It’s hard but you know, deep down, that is the only key to turn it all around. 
You sigh and continue on.

Blue doesn’t exist in nature. It is only an imagination. 
The ancient languages did not have a word for blue. Scientists claim that blue is rare. Its pigment is hard to find. 
Yet, our eyes are captivated by the color. We see it everywhere; walks on the beach, the flower we picked from the ground and when we look up at the sky. 
This series captures and amplifies the mystery of blue. 
As you gaze at the painting that attracts your eyes, be attentive to what feelings get evoke. Maybe, probably its whispering an untold story.

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