Susan Eatmon

Susan Eatmon

I am an emerging artist from Metro Detroit. I worked as a graphic designer and self-taught muralist for many years, however, I always longed to be a fine artist. In 2020, I decided to pursue my dream and I enrolled in the “Milan Art Institute Mastery Program”. I worked at home as a graphic designer during Covid and eventually got laid off due to the pandemic. I was in the portfolio section of the Mastery Program and decided it was time to cross the Rubicon and fully commit to my passion of making beautiful paintings for a living.

I am influenced and moved by how different genres of music and various styles of art make us feel. That is where the inspiration for my latest body of work comes from. I want to portray the joy that art and music bring, and encourage people to find the strength to pursue their passion to create or simply go out and enjoy the arts. I feel that the world needs beautiful art and music and that they are universal languages that bring people together.

'Art & music are universal languages with the power to change the world.'

 Originals by Susan

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