Rebecca Moser

Rebecca Moser

I am an artists that explores with colors and different material the freedom of art. I create art that has an unique combination and style that represents the uniqueness of my personality and how we all are unique and stand out. I want to lead people with art into a place of freedom and breakthrough.

Rebecca Moser

Rebecca has been very interested in painting since she was a small child. What stood out was that her pictures were painted with a unique combination of colours.

At the age of 23, she visited an acquaintance who owned many paintings she had painted herself. Looking at these paintings on the walls of the house, she was inspired to enter the world of art again. 

The development of her paintings grew quickly and soon attracted prospective buyers. It encouraged her to explore and discover even more in painting. 

In 2013, Rebecca went to America for three years. During this time, she engaged in giving her art a voice and a deeper meaning. She wanted to develop further and make more of her art. 

In the years that followed, Rebecca travelled to many places around the world such as America, Brazil, Israel and many other countries. During this time, the desire to invest in further education grew. 

After a long search, Rebecca started the Mastery Programme at the Milan Art Institute School in 2020. There, not only the technique but also the depth of her art took more and more shape. Rebecca rediscovered her passion for art. She also found more and more her voice in it.
Her style evolved towards abstract and realism with mixed materials.

Today she lives with her husband and her baby girl in Switzerland and her studio at home has really taken shape. With the morning sun in the studio and the view of the greenery, she is getting into deeper work with art. In her studio you will not only find the oil paints, but also spray cans, inks, gold leaves and much more fill her studio with life!

Her heart beats for working with even more materials. She also wants to find ways to create a place of breakthrough to help others. She wants to create art that touches people. She wants to take you into an experience and encourage you. 

 Originals by Rebecca


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