Nicolette Van den Hadelkamp

Nicolette Van den Hadelkamp

Nicolette van den Hadelkamp is an artist living in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Born and raised in a large family of entrepreneurs. Growing up in the middle of a family business made her resilient and independent. In 2018 Nicolette decided she was totally ready to lift her art to the next level and signed up for an intensive year at the Milan Art Institute. Her skills improved and she connected with other artists.

As a young free spirited woman she felt restless and ready for some adventure. She started traveling to different countries all around the world. These life changing travels still have a big influence on her art. In the middle of the Andes she got to meet her true self. After some big experiences and lessons about love and being human, she felt empty and exhausted from life. Nicolette started elevating herself, giving up everything that weighs her down. That is where she found her way back to art. It started as a way of healing but she also felt deeply that her voice has to be heard in the world through art.

Her artwork and personality are like a wild flower coming to bloom. Feminity, introspection, empowerment and transformation are keywords for her paintings. Nicolette firmly believes in taking full responsibility for yourself and loving yourself deeply, will set you free and make a better world. Nicolette wants to awake people with her art, inspire them to follow their dreams and step into their destiny.

Nicolette’s studio is located in the centre of the Netherlands, in Montfoort. And her second studio is located in Ouddorp in nature and close to the beach. In her studio she currently works on several series of artwork. Every year in the fall she opens the doors of her studio for public. She plans on exhibit her work and inspire people all over the world.

‘I want my art to connect people to their deepest self, feel what can’t be described in words. Sending a message of love and light that can bring us to self healing. So we can see ourselves and each other through ourselves and each other. I make art so it can speak to hearts and souls. I want my art to inspire people, to nurture the love inside them. I want to make the invisible universe around us and within us visible with my art and encourage people to see their own light. So we can connect from a point of strength, rise and fly together’

 Originals by Nicolette


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