In Living Color

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Tanya Johnston

24 x 18 inches

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

Framed - Silver & Black Canvas Floating Frame

Breathtaking, wondrous colors and color combinations  are evident everywhere in nature. In the cooler seasons, yes more  muted  but still incredibly  breathtaking  and  then the resurrection and astounding brilliant palooza that bursts forth in spring to dazzle us and woo us with its rejoicing ascension.

Now and then someone asks me “What does it mean, does it have a meaning?” yes!  My paintings have personal meaning. Funnily enough, added  layers of meaning come sporadically  as the painting materializes under my hand. Arriving  like whispers in the wind or feathers floating from above, they softly make themselves known,  as the painting progresses to completion. That being said, for me deer represent an innocent trust, a certain vulnerability, or surrender to the Divine, a softness of heart and soul. And flowers, well I can’t get enough of them, they are a language all their own that awaken the senses. Space here does not allow me to give account for what they represent to me but I adore them and paint them because I do.

Paintings are so special. Every  individual that encounters a painting will see it through their  own lens. It will either speak or remain silent, Each person  uniquely, resonating or not with its message, its emotion, its frequency.

If you have decided this painting is going to be yours I want you to know that I thought about you when I made this painting. The person that would love it as much as I do. I spent a long time deciding which shades would best express the feeling, frequency and aura that this painting would emanate. Whether texture, mediums or beautiful juicy paint was applied, sometimes rough, sometimes smooth, sometimes loose, sometimes controlled, all was done with the intent of creating something you would love. Don’t you think paintings are like music? They sing for us, a song that our soul knows the lyrics to. 

The anticipation of spring rises as winter wanes and warmer days begin to punctuate our weeks, a little here a little there, teasing the sun lovers with a long practiced allure before surprising reversals and more chilly nights. Slowly but surely the light of day remembers to flex and recover what the long night of winter took for its own. A longing builds for the fragrance and evidence of nature’s recovery and delightful spurts of explosive growth. For walks and talks and laughter that tickles our ears as it floats to us across distant gardens. For moments of reverie and day dreaming as we ourselves are coaxed out of our hibernation huddle to connect and converse with the creator in His awakening wonderland.  

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