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Brittnee Sylvester

48 x 60 inches

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

All my paintings, especially my abstract works are very free and intuitive. I come up with with a color pallet I want to stay in, as well as get images that inspire me around those colors. I study the images and really concentrate on how they make me feel. Then I really dig into my process. I start with some charcoal mark making, inks, washes, and collage. Then I really focus on what the painting is telling me it wants to be as I’m working. I finish all my work in oil to give it the vibrancy to really make the painting pop and make the colors come alive. I really love line work and enjoy the different variations of line, and I always incorporate some form of line work into my paintings. 

This piece was based originally on something completely different than what it turned out to be. As it was evolving, I was finding it difficult to make decisions and what to do next. Although I thought at the time I was struggling, the painting was still evolving into what it wanted to be. It became a painting of choices and decisions, and the head battling the heart.

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