Break the Mold

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Florencia Mena

20 x 20 inches

Mixed media with Oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Part of the collection “Breakthrough” an inner exploration of my true self, who I am as an artist and a person, how can I control my mind, change my path and reach the freedom I always longed. There’s so many people that expect something from us, it can be your parents, your family, your culture, society, etc. They have this big plan for us, or line that we should follow in order to be successful or having a good life. But not everybody fits that MOLD and sometimes you need to BREAK it in order to achieve your true destiny. Start doing what you really want, what your heart tells you to do and not what other people’s voices tells you. Connect with yourself and the universe and create your own destiny.

Since I was a kid I always wanted to be an artist and many of my teachers mentioned this to my parents and recommended them to support me. But my family was set to give me the life they wanted for me and believing that with their path I was going to be happier. I needed to graduate from high school, study a traditional career in college, get a good job, meet someone, get married, have kids, the end. But that wasn’t my path I wasn’t made for “traditional” society, and it took me moving the other side of the continent by myself, 30 years, a lot of tears and struggle to finally achieved my dream and study art and live the life I always wanted. With a lot of uncertainties but I wouldn’t change anything. I wanted to face and look at the eyes my true destiny.

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