Before strangers came to these shores

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Rachel Rozario

40 x 40 inches

Acrylic Mixed media, Gallery Wrapped Canvas


The day I met a dead puffer fish within a few steps of a dead turtle,
I realised how forceful the beach can change. 
The day before the sea was quiet and melancholy and on that mournful day it was lusty and moody. 
Tides and weather reshapes it every day, 
bringing new matter and taking away others.
Before strangers came to these shores is a remembrance of what was and what is.

This collection was inspired by my afternoon walks 
on a stormy and cloudy day on the beach. 
Whenever I go for nature walks, I like to forage for raw materials. Sometimes I just hold on em’ as I walk (as a way of connecting with the earth) or bring em’ back with me. 
But how do you store your feelings of the place? 
Thus, this collection was created. 
My way of bottling the smell of fresh crisp air, a gentle touch of the cold wind, the groaning of the dreamy sea and the mysterious yet inviting midst. 
From my heart to yours.


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