Aloe Vera

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Julie Celina

7,9 x 7,9 inches
20 x 20 cm

Acrylic, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

This painting was inspired by another painting from the same collection, ‘With You’, and they will fit very nicely together as a set to help create a consistent decor style in your home.

This painting is made for the gentle souls, who wish to connect deeper with nature. May this painting remind you to slow down, and that life can be simple if we let it. Comes signed, wired, ready to hang, and with certificate of authenticity. From the collection Never Alone, about understanding that nature is always here to see, hear, and appreciate you if you let it. This collection was created in communion with nature. I gathered inspiration directly from nature through a cacao ceremony. I simply asked the cacao spirit what I should communicate through my new collection of paintings. This is what I was told: Nature is always there to see, hear and, appreciate us, if we only let it. Nature is trying to communicate with us, we have to be better at listening to it, and know that we are loved even though we might not feel it all the time. All the answers we seek are already inside of us or hidden in nature, we simply have to slow down and listen more. We are a part of nature, it loves us, and it also wants to feel our love.

Inspiration for this painting: Aloe Vera is one of my favourite plants, and also the one I have the most of in my house plant collection. I feel like Aloe Vera is such a magical plant with all the wonderful healing properties it has and it’s beautiful design, it inspires me every day.

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