About us

We are one big family. A family of artists who believe in making art that is built on skills and hard work. Collecting art is a way of life. Become a pioneer of culture, add more beauty and wonder to this world. Today you can fill your life with color. 

How it all started

Milan Art Institute

In 2010 Elli and John Milan opened the Milan Art Institute. Milan Art Institute has turned a passion into a profession for hundreds of students. Beginners and professionals come to the Institute to master their skills, learn new techniques, and join an ever-expanding community of artists. The purpose of the Milan Art Institute is to enlighten and educate a worldwide audience about the transformational power of the visual arts.

From vision to reality

Milan Art Gallery

With a worldwide community of artists and years of experience with galleries and collectors, we saw an opportunity to create a new type of gallery. A perfect place where the collector can find their art and where the artist gets the share they deserve. A shift from a profit driven gallery market to a movement driven market. A gallery where the main purpose is to connect around what we all love: art.

Our mission

By artists. For artists and collectors.

Artists are the creators behind the paintbrush, spending hours on their work, bringing their vision to life. Collectors are those who appreciate the art, give it a home to shine and spread the vision. Our mission is to connect you and give you the care and attention you deserve.

to make this happen

Honest and fair.

- The artist keeps all copyrights 

- The gallery commission is only 20% for the sold artwork, compared to a normal rate of 50% in other galleries. 

- The gallery curates and checks the quality of the art for the collector.  

- We arrange the shipping so the artist can keep doing what they love most: creating art

Our Team

Elli Milan - Co-owner
John Milan - Co-owner
Elijah Gedz - Co-owner
Jake Dunn - Co-owner
Dimitra Milan - Co-owner
Melissa Burghardt - Online Gallery Director
Harley Humphreys - Art Store Director
Alannah Anderson - Brand Director
Jordan Dahlquist - Marketing Director