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Eilleen Knott

31 x 25 inches

Mixed media with oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas - Framed

Creamy loose strokes are throughout this whimsy painting that will bring your back to your childhood.It’s a beautiful thing to see, the heart of an innocent child and what they will offer out of their greatest treasures to make a new friend. You never know where new friendship adventures will lead. A mermaid cupcake is an appropriate gift for her new friend, don’t you think?

One of the first few paintings in my Children of Destiny series, where you will see children simply exploring their world, being playful and discovering what thrills their heart. Adults will often look back on their life and see what they were meant to be revealed itself in little ways as children simply exploring and playing. What you are doing as an adult should give you the same joy of discovery, if not, maybe you are not living what you were made for.

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