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Florencia Mena

16 x 20 inches

Mixed media with Oil, Gallery Wrapped Canvas 

Part of the collection “Breakthrough” an inner exploration of my true self, who I am as an artist and a person, how can I control my mind, change my path and reach the freedom I always longed. You can easily experience FREEDOM physically, when you travel, when you stared at the ocean or a beautiful landscape, or when you close your eyes and feel the cold wind in your face. But have you ever experienced FREEDOM in your mind? When you close your eyes and think I can do anything I want, everything I want is at the reach of my hand, that... that moment is the one I want to capture and chase, I want to experience and I want to feel again. That moment is pure FREEDOM in my mind and my soul.

A lot of people were struggling during in the pandemic during the lockdown and I wasn’t the exception. I was renting a small room at the moment and I often felt confide in there, wanting to be outside, to experience freedom again. But my body was trapped in there but not my mind, with your mind you can go anywhere. So I wanted to transmit that feeling of deep mental release.


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