Alannah Anderson

Alannah Anderson

Alannah Anderson has pursued her passion for creativity from a very early age. Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, her natural ability to create beautiful imagery was first recognized by a local design and print studio while she was still a high school student. It was then she was offered her first job as a designer and her passion for art and design quickly expanded.

Alannah’s creativity and gifting towards visual communication launched her into a diverse creative career that has spanned two decades. Through collaborating with many iconic designer brands around the world, she developed a stronger desire for quality, excellence, and authenticity.

“I have always had an intense interest in the way art can move emotions in the viewer with great power to influence culture and improve the world we live in”

In 2020, Alannah joined an intense 12-month fine art course at the Milan Art Institute where she honed her talents with a singular focus on cultivating her artistic voice. During this time Alannah was invited to show her work at an online international art gallery in Milan, Italy. She was recently invited to be a contestant on an emerging artist reality show “The Outstanding Artist” where she can be seen competing against 10 other talented artists.

She is inspired by the hero’s journey, overcoming adversity and pursuing one’s own destiny with passion and grit. Her process involves much of her design experience over the years creating the concept digitally with skillful composition, then recreating the artwork by hand on a blank canvas with modern mixed media techniques, finishing with premium quality oil paint.

“Nothing can compare with the living beauty of an original piece of art. It has the power to speak deeply to the soul, inject a message through your spirit and continue a dialogue with its viewers for many lifetimes. I am in awe of this.”

In December 2021, Alannah relocated back to her homeland (Australia), after living and working in California for 8 years. Future plans include owning a large collaborative studio/gallery space where the pure power of original creative expression is explored and celebrated.

 Originals by Alannah


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