Zybrena Porter


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Zybrena Porter

Zybrena began drawing at age four and spent much of her childhood armed with a pencil in hand. With the ardent support of her parents - and later on, the support of her husband - she acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia and furthered her education at the Milan Art Institute. Zybrena’s collectors consider her an inspirational artist. Having witnessed people she cared for imprisoned by their regrets and unfulfilled lives, she paints to empower others to discover their purpose, while challenging them to believe their own inherent value is worthy of that purpose. Zybrena uses her art ultimately to urge each viewer to get excited about their life’s journey. Zybrena’s fortress of creativity is situated on a golf course in Mesa, Arizona, where she remains very excited about the future. Her travels are constantly taking her to new and exotic places, and she looks forward to continuing to be an inspiration to her family and to others across the globe.

“Now is the time to live the epic lives for which we each were born!”

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