Tanya Johnston

'My paintings are imagined, created and purposed to delight your eyes and touch your soul'

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Tanya Johnston

Tanya comes from a family of multi-generational musicians and artisans where creativity and creative expression was always encouraged and promoted from an early age. She clearly recalls her first day at preschool where she spied big trays of paint being laid out. She hastily ran to enquire what the purpose of those juicy, wet puddles of color were. When told that she could put her hands in the gorgeous shimmering goo and make finger paintings she was completely mind blown at the colorful freedom and abandon that implied. Tanya feels this memorable experience connected her inexorably to her future destiny, passion and purpose as a painter. 

In 2001 her previously haphazard pursuit of learning to paint became a determined focus when she joined an online, non-traditional, right-brain art school. From that time to this she has passionately pursued art making and is always pushing the boundaries and limits of her skillset through practice, continuing education and theory. Most recently Tanya completed the Milan Art Institute’s year long, Mastery Program in 2021 .

Tanya sees each new painting surface as a full-on challenge, a gauntlet, an opportunity to create something fresh and memorable for both herself and her wonderful collectors in her unique and emerging style. She likes to depict aspects of feminine beauty, the power of divine connection, of nature and epic tales of renown, real or imagined through paint and other mixed media.

A native New Zealander, residing in the USA, Tanya has had the pleasure of living on both coasts with a stint in Hawaii too. She has a home studio and two 4 legged studio assistants. She loves exploring and traveling, spending time with her fur babies, friends, art tribe and family, and aspires to one day be an electric guitarist in a hallelujah rock band. 

“Art is a very powerful language, and expresses things that words cannot. Every time I pick up a paint brush my aim is to become more fluent, more poetic, more articulate with tools and materials.” - Tanya

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