Naïma Moussa

Naïma Moussa

Naïma was born in Normandie, France. At the age of 11, she visited the house of Claude Monet and its gardens which forever stayed in her memory and touched her creative heart. 

"Exploring the world bring us back to our inner child but also to who we truly are. Art is part of that endless discovery."

Her passion for painting wildlife and nature's beauty started when Naïma was very young, spending Sundays reading the Larousse encyclopedias, discovering the world through those beautiful pages and illustrations...That's when she started to sketch everything that inspired her, animals, flowers, trees… She knew then she wanted to be an Artist.

"Painting is like a voyage to me, I dive into the memories of all my explorations around the world. I find it really special to be in the wild, absorb this energy through all my senses and then transmit it onto a canvas when I am back home in my studio."


 Originals by Naïma

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