Loli Ferrari

'Art Isn’t Paint; It’s Love'

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Loli Ferrari

Contemporary Florida, Saint Augustine-based artist Loli Ferrari was born in Patagonia Argentina and Grew up in a Family of artists.  She is a figurative painter strongly inspired by real emotions who prefers Oil paint and Mix media on canvas. Her artwork is layered with symbolism, often provoking deep emotions and touching a deep place in people. As a full-time artist expresses authenticity and emotions through her artwork. Her creative process is achieved by juxtaposition of different media, including spray paint,  gold leaf, acrylics and always oil paint. Her greatest inspiration is to travel around the world, feel the love and connect with others.

My studio is based in Florida, Saint Augustine. I'm an Argentinian Artist; I was born in Patagonia and Grew up in a family of artists. I'm a figurative painter strongly inspired by real emotions and prefer Oil paint and Mix media on canvas. I enjoy painting Icons of the human race and his deep feelings. My artwork is layered with symbolism. I intend to provoke deep emotions and touch a deep place in people.I'm a full-time artist expressing authenticity and emotions through my artwork.

The process is achieved by juxtaposing different media, including spray paint,  gold leaf, acrylics, and always oil paint. I find inspiration in traveling worldwide, feeling the love, and connecting with others.

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