Hanan Omar

'Preserve your dreams and exist in a timeless bliss.'

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Hanan Omar

Hanan Omar is a 25-year-old artist from New Jersey who discovered a desire for creation at a very young age. When she was in elementary school, she was known to leave behind a trail of hues on the sidewalk with drawing chalk. Throughout life, Hanan found that art was a remedy for a need for self-expression and decided to step into her destiny. She was exposed to creative environments in school and experimented with many mediums until she noticed a continued interest in portraiture. Over the past year and a half, Hanan began delving into mixed media and oils to produce vibrant and imaginative paintings.

Hanan is deeply inspired by ephemeral dreams and all the types of feelings that are fleeting. She captures emotion with her imagery by combining portraits of rendered women that appear to be enraptured and surrounded by delicate elements of nature. Hanan's paintings come together as a captivating marriage of vibrant colors that translate as an intimate gesture to the viewer. Her recent work has been described as “dreamy” and “a remnant of something beautiful”.

Hanan’s work has been exhibited in New York City at One Art Space gallery.

“My paintings are a confession of emotions, a sort of love letter that is unique to anyone. A combination of my dreams, desires, and the perception of senses help me create limitless possibilities. I long for my art to leave traces of intimacy and the residue of a tender memory. My only wish is to always present something that mimics the true definition of beauty and transports the viewer into an ethereal world.”

 Originals by Hanan 


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