Edda Davila

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Edda Davila

Edda Davila was born in Miami, Florida. As a baby she was brought to live in Nicaragua, the country of volcanoes and lagoons. At a young age Edda displayed artistic qualities having interest in painting and drawings. Some people would say art is in her family blood,  Edda's grandmother was a professional artist. One of Edda's fondest childhood memories was going inside her grandmother's studio. It was a small room full of art supplies, it had two wooden blue windows that had a view of the garden. Edda knew she was meant to be an artist, to live a life of greatness. To accomplish her dream she decided to move back to the United States, land of opportunities, where she would study at Milan art institute and become a professional artist creating and selling her artwork.

Edda Davila is living a life of fulfillment. She believes every human life is meant to be valued and each person has a destiny to fulfill. She wants to set an example and be an inspiration to others to live their best life and be the best version of themselves.  Edda's artwork is vibrant, bold and powerful. Edda Davila quotes”When you look at my paintings I want you to get that feeling that you can do it all” that is the message she transmits.

Edda Davila works at her beautiful vibrant studio located in Fort Pierce, Florida. She gets inspired by the beautiful weather and the smell from the ocean breeze.She hopes to create artwork that will reach millions of people, filling them with inspiration and changing their lives. She loves to travel and wants to be the first Nicaraguan woman to travel to 100 countries. Her traveling is a source of inspiration through meeting and understanding people from different cultures around the world.

To be an example with my art,to inspire people to live a life they are excited to wake up to everyday. I want to empower people to be the best version of themselves, live a life with purpose and leave a mark behind.

You are the HERO of your life, you can accomplish all that your heart desires, you have the power.

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