Brittnee Sylvester

'Color Me Abstract'

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Brittnee Sylvester

Brittnee is an uprooted artist living on the outskirts of Seattle Washington. She was born and raised in Southern California, where she had a life full of adventure and exploration surrounded by her brothers and sister. From a young age Brittnee loved to color and draw. She always felt different from the rest of her family, thinking and acting differently in more creative ways. When she came to realize in high school her love for art, she started to teach herself how to paint, and incorporate different materials into her everyday life. Eventually she started taking ceramics and painting classes in both high school and college to continue learning. Through different continuing traumas and circumstances in her life she lost touch with her creativity and fell victim to the normal ins and outs of life. One day at a particularly hard time in her life, she heard a voice in her head whom she could only guess was God pulling her out of depression. The voice said “Brittnee just paint” and from that moment forward she picked up her brushes and started to paint again. She has not stopped since. She graduated from Milan Art Institute in 2020 and is now a very successful professional artist. 

Brittnee’s studio is open year round. She draws inspiration from her emotions and feelings. She paints from her heart and leaves a piece of her soul on each canvas. She loves to connect with the people within her community, and surrounding areas to develop the impact that links artist and the collectors together. When she is not painting, you can find her making memories with her four young children. Brittnee is always optimistic and looking forward to what the future holds.

Brittnee currently has work all over the US on both a private collector level and a corporate level. She has done live paintings for the corporate art world, and countless other events live painting events and competitions. 

“I like to paint like I live my life, a little chaotic and hectic, and a little bit calm and serene.”

 Originals by Brittnee

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