Creating Visions, Connecting Souls

Hayley Ellen Anderson (known as BOPA) is a 25 year old professional artist living in Northumberland England
From a very young age Hayley’s artistic skills began to show. From the age of four her teachers noticed her love and natural talent for art.

Taking The Milan Art Institute ‘Mastery Program’ helped Hayley advance her skills and find her true artistic style.

Painting is how Bopa found and projects her voice.
With her passion for animal conservation and environmental issues, her goal is to paint showing the voices of animals who don’t have a voice.
All inspiration for her creations come from the natural world

Bopa’s paintings combine realism with abstract elements in oil mixed media.
Her vivid colours and use of light emit a comforting warmth in a delicate dreamlike style. Bopa creatively combines imagery of animals and people in nature, showcasing a deep visual connection and emotion.

Bopa enjoys experimenting with mixed media materials like iridescent pigments, 3D textures and shimmering mica powders, giving each painting its own truly unique magical touch.

Working from her studio in historical Northumberland England, Bopa plans to further spread her message of hope with her art, and the importance and hidden beauty of nature and wildlife.

Where did the name BOPA come from?

Bopa has been Hayley’s nickname since she can remember. It came from the Comet ‘Hale Bopp’ which passed by the earth at the time she was born.

 Originals by BOPA


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