Pre-Raphaelites, The Rossettis

An inspiring visit to the Tate Museum. Naïma Moussa shares her experience and the connection to her own art with the Pre-Raphaelites vision.

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Pre-Raphaelites, The Rossettis

Written by Naïma Moussa

Visiting a Museum

This week-end, I went to London to explore the museums one more time .

I have been visiting some of the museums before, like the National Gallery, The Victoria and Albert Museum and I never get tired of it. But this time, where I spent most of my time was...

At the Tate Britain, and to my big surprise, a unique Pre-Raphaelites exposition was happening. The amazing collection of the Rossettis, which I highly recommend you to visit while it is still going on (until September 2023).



I have had the pleasure to witness in real life some of my all time favorite paintings. A true inspiration for me, as I am diving into painting more female portraits and starting to write poetry. I found out that I was painting the same symbols such as the Butterfly to represent the woman's soul. Women are painted in a romantic, sensual yet strong way. They wanted to create art for the "art's sake" and the cult of Beauty.

They believed that art should serve a single idea: beauty.

Dante Gabriel Rosetti infused this idea into many of his paintings of women, painted in bright colors and beautiful shapes.

So many connections and illuminations were made during my time in the museum, exploring and looking closely at each artwork; I found that my (he)art was resonating to that era in so many ways.

I find beauty revealing through art where the mystery of the woman shows, her essence...wild and free. I always felt like I was painting poetry and while reading the history of how the pre-raphaelites poets, painters, men and women were working and creating altogether... I left even more inspired and in a urge to go back to my easel to paint more and more.

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